Monday, May 28, 2018

Just Let Me Quilt's Privacy Policy

Apparently it is possibly a requirement that we tell our bloggers that we have a 
PRIVACY POLICY. I take this new GDPR ruling seriously, but
since I am a little blogger and I don't have an attorney or IT guru on staff,
this is the best I can do to let you know I take your blog friendship seriously.
Why have a privacy policy?
A few reasons are because...

Our blog comments may include a name, email address, and/or IP address.
We may have plugins or tools for traffic stats like Google Analytics
We may have 3rd party hosting like Bloglovin', etc.
We may have email signup forms like FeedBurner or Mailchimp.
We may have contact forms.

To the best of my knowledge, I don't offer cookies on my blog.
You can stop cookies by turning them off in your own browser settings.

I don't knowingly or willingly share your information to third-parties,
though I do use Bloglovin and Feedburner...they might be third-party.
I have affiliate links on my blog, but I have no control over them storing your info or not
if you click on the link. I don't get rich on those affiliate links, so if you're worried about
them storing your info, please don't click on the links. Go directly to their website.

I don't store your information unless you willingly share it with me to contact you later.
The information may include your name, email address, and blog URL.
If you don't want me knowing who you are, please don't comment.
If you do comment, I won't track you down if you don't leave me a way to contact you.
You can always email me privately if you don't want your name in my comment section.
My computer is password protected to prevent someone sneaking into my house
 and taking your information should they steal my computer. 

I will link to your blog during blog hops. By sharing that information with me
in a request to join the hop, I take that as you giving me permission to share your link.

I may put a link to your blog in my post if you share something that makes me smile.
Please let me know if you don't like the traffic coming from my blog to your blog.
I'll quickly remove the link at your request.

I have no control over someone taking info from my blog for their own use,
or for publishing on other websites without my permission.
It's called stealing/infringing on copyrights in my world, unless they ask permission to use it.

I won't send you newsletters you haven't signed up for. 
I don't have a newsletter, anyway.

If you signed up for notifications of my blog posts, I take that as
agreeing to receive them since you signed up for them.

This privacy policy will probably change once I know what I really need to do.
For now, please hang on until this whole thing gets figured out.
I have faith that it will...hopefully.

Carol Swift
Just Let Me Quilt


  1. I'd love to hear from you. You will arrive in my inbox as a noreply blogger.

  2. Carol, whatever this new policy/ruling is, I'm hoping it doesn't change much of how we share and communicate in our blogs. It's a shame that there are spammers and people who want to do harm. I plan on continuing to post and commenting on what I love!

  3. Hi Carol, I love your privacy policy, it's by far the most awesome one on the internet. I'm a bit surprised the entire non-EU internet hasn't just revolted against this ridiculously onerous policy and banned all europeans from reading anything online until they make their law (which has good intent) less impossible to implement by real people. Good luck.

  4. I love how you did your privacy policy. I am getting a little tiffed with being forced into this.

  5. This is a great way to deal with frustration over this situation. Do you think they will ever send us a notification about it or will we all have to go over on mass to word press?

  6. This whole thing is crazy. Blogger no longer alerts us when comments are made to our blog posts, so I am working on trying to figure out how to comment back to people by email. If I'm no longer able to directly communicate with my readers, I'm not sure what I will do.

  7. Good for you. Looks like you've covered all the bases. Now get back to your sewing room and sew, sew, sew!

  8. It's crazy that all of this has to be done. Why can't things be left alone?

  9. I think more bloggers will stop blogging as they are making it harder and harder to understand all these laws, changes, etc. On non Blogger blogs you do need to add your email in order to post and that turns some people off as it is another step to do, but at least as bloggers we can contact them and reply to their comment. Plus once I add all that info, my computer will remember me next time. I wonder how many Bloggers will change to Wordpress of Typepad or some other blog type now? I updated the bottom of my posting to tell my followers to include their email address in their comment to make it easier for us to reply. To write it as: patchouli dot moon dot studio at gmail dot com That might be helpful if we can get those who want a response to include their email address for us as we read the comments on our blogs.

  10. Well written policy! Where does blogger tell us we have to have a privacy policy? Google owns the site and software.

  11. I am so out of the are saying this affects those of us with blogs even if we don't do a newsletter? I have seen the newsletter folks sending out emails regarding the newsletters but didn't think of it in terms of blog answering emails. Thanks for the info even if I am unsure of how to implement it :)

  12. I figured since I didn't send out a newsletter, I didn't have to do anything, but now I wonder if I do have to say something. So confusing!! This is making my brain hurt...


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