Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Today Is The Official Bikini Day Of 2017

Every year on this day, July 5th, bikinis of all types and sizes are worn to celebrate 
Bikini Day and its invention in 1946 by Louis Reard, a Parisian fashion designer,

No bikini for me today. I haven't worn one since around 1972.

This is me in Hawaii in '72 trying my first Mai Tai drink. I didn't like it!

Here's a much cuter little bikini for a 1 year old.
It’s made from a pattern by Ruby Jean’s Closet called “Gidgit” and 
the fabrics are from the Just Another Walk in the Woods line by Moda.

I'm at the Therm O Web blog today showing how I used different products to
make sewing this bikini so much quicker and easier.

We could still be wearing suits like this…yikes!


  1. Cute bikini. I grew up in the mountains, I was more of a cut offs and t-shirt type of girl.

  2. Oh the good old days! My bikini days ended a long time ago I am a swim dress kind of gal who tries to hide and avoids beaches! Cute post!

  3. That is an adorable bikini...but that being said, NO ONE wants to see this big butt in a bikini here! hahahahaha
    I'm more of the last photo kind of gal anymore! tee hee

  4. I won't even be seen in a bathing suit, period, anymore!

  5. cute mini bikini, though I still don't put my girls in bikinis now, even though it looks adorable, I think some of them still show too much, maybe I'm being snooty about it, oh well...
    The last time I had a bikini I think was pre-kids.... I do remember having a sort of nude colored one in FL as a tourist and oh boy my belly got so burnt!! I was white as can be before from Denmark and then going to FL for 2-3weeks and swimming in the pool a lot.... not a good choice! Oh I couldn't wear any pants without it hurting ;)

  6. I love this photo. I did not like any martinis or mixed alcohol drinks as a young adult.
    Beer was tolerable, but I lived in Europe so a lot of better beers than what you had here in the US back them
    You look so wonderful.... those were the days. We did that.
    I could probably wear a bikini now.... because I still have a lot of lean-ness left over from 12 years of figure skating, but at age 60 it really does not look that good. Yesterday, Sarah looked at my leg as we were playing on the floor, and she pointed to one of my spider veins and said "purple" 😬😀
    This Bikini is adorable

  7. So cute - you and the bikini you made.

  8. You were so cute in your bikini. I think 1972 was the last year I ever wore a bikini...never more! This little Gidgit is uber adorable. i love the bright fabrics you chose. We are hot enough for bikinis here at 102F in the shade. Not normal at all! I'm off to visit ThermOWeb now...<3

  9. lol. Who knew there was a bikini day? That is such a cute little bikini.

  10. Is it wrong that I kinda like the old fashioned bathing garment in the last photo? It looks like a high end bicycle racing suit! And her shoes are so practical...little ribbons so she doesn't kick them off in the surf :)

  11. So sorry I missed bikini! Cute pic of you and your bikini make!


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