Saturday, July 25, 2015

Have A Heart Quilt

I've finished my quilt, Have A Heart, by adding a scalloped border.
It needs some quilting and binding and then it will be a sweet treat to wrap up in.

Have A Heart

It's was such a fun and happy quilt to make!
I need to make a more "manly" one for a sweet family member who is quite ill.
He's in my family's heart and he needs to know that we love him. Maybe reds and blacks?

Here's a little snippet from my row for the Row-A-Long in September.
It's paper pieced and made with Northcott's fabulous Artisan Spirit fabric.

My row is simple compared to some of the other amazing designers. Their rows will wow you!
Plus, lots and lots of giveaways have been donated by so many sponsors thanks to
 Marian at Seams to be Sew and her hard work at putting this blog hop together. 
My monsters multiplied and began to be stuffed by some nice ladies who even sat through
my class on freezer meals. It was such a fun night with lots of service projects going on.

I found some HUGE zucchinis in my garden...wowzers! Luckily I picked them before the skin got
too tough and they got all seedy. I ended up with 10 bags of shredded zucchini to put in the freezer. 
 They'll be great in muffins, breads, and spaghetti sauce. Yum!

My sister shared some of her overgrown plants and now our yard is looking pretty amazing. 
We weren't sure they'd survive transplanting them in the summer heat, 
but they were tough and made it. Even the rose bush made it. Yay!

Take time to smell the roses and of course, sew!


  1. Love your heart quilt and the scallop inner border works so nicely with this. Those browns with the roses would make a nice manly heart quilt. Mix with some brown and red checks and stripes. The Monster stuffies are cute! No garden here, but plenty of farmers' markets to enjoy the season's crops.

  2. Gorgeous quilt. Cute little monsters. Boys love stuff like that.

  3. Sweet heart quilt. It will be loved! Check out those monsters!

  4. Gorgeous heart quilt and those little monsters are awesome!

  5. Love your heart quilt .carol!! the edge finished it perfectly. can I ask how that border is cut! Don't recall ever seeing it before. Love it!!!
    the monsters are too cute.

  6. OH GIRL< I LOVE your quilt ! Edyta is one of my favorite designers too. A quilt like that for your friend would be such a nice thing ! Men like blues and browns as well, especially blue for some reason :/

  7. Carol, super cute quilt!
    I also think your quilt idea is nice, how about red and grey -- make it super tonal just like this one. I am gonna pray for your sick family fella.
    Those monsters are so cute.
    I love zuccini and the flowers are great.
    Love always, me♥️

  8. Loving your heart quilt. What a great idea to make it for a man who is not well. Great way to let him know he is in your heart. Love zucchini. I miss my vegetable garden. Frozen zucchini is so good for the making of bread. Oh how hungry that makes me. Enjoy.

  9. beautiful quilt! we have a lot of vegetables that i need to put up. Was hoping kids would come over and take them off out hands

  10. I really like the scalloped border with those hearts, Carol. The Row looks wonderful too.

    I'm glad to see that you are taking time to enjoy the garden and will be able to enjoy it all winter long.

  11. Oh, my goodness, Carol where do you find the time? You are a quilting machine and they are always so awesome. Shredding zucchini in also a big ole job and your flowers are gorgeous. My place is dried up and the grass hoppers are having their way with most of my garden. You are an inspiration. AND excuse me, your row is wowzers, I know - I've seen it. wink wink.

  12. Beauty of a quilt! Have you tried Spiralizing the zucchinis? The make wonderful noodles! We started that when the hubs wanted a low carb diet...only good thing about a low carb diet...ha!

  13. Your quilt is great, and I love the monsters too.

  14. Oh my I love your monsters! My classroom is a monster you've inspired me! Also....I use the veggetti to shread my zuchinni and use them instead of noodles! YUM!!!


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