Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Born To Be Wild Blog Hop Day Three!

Yesterday was a fabulous and wild day of incredible projects! The "Born to be Wild" blog hop challenge was all about sewing something that's jungle related. Like  jungle animals, wild colors or designs, or jungle fabrics. This should be fun!


Check out the wild side of these bloggers!

May 17th

Check out the Pinterest page!


Susan said...

Thanks for the lineup. I hope to have time to read them all during my recovery period this week - if I'm not sleeping it away! LOL

Elizabeth Coughlin said...

Carol, I don't know if this just happening to me, but I get an error message when I try to go to https://selinaquilts.blogspot.com/

The message says:

This site can’t provide a secure connection
selinaquilts.blogspot.com sent an invalid response

Just though I'd mention it in case she's having an issue with her blog.