Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Hairy Cuddle Fabric Monster

I happened by this cute quilt store that was LOADED with 
Minky and cuddle even had a Minky sofa!
(The name made me think of Lesley at The Cuddle Quilter.)

I saw this gray hairy cuddle fabric and thought it would work well with
a project I've been working on...wrong! It wasn't the right shade of gray...darn.
It will end up becoming a birthday present for the oldest Monkey Boy.

I learned some great tips from Becky at the Cuddle Cottage., like:

Throw the cuddle fabric in the dryer without heat for 5 minutes to help remove
the fluffy stuff that flies in the air and gets everywhere when you work with it.

To smooth it out for cutting, place the fabric face down on a flat surface.
Scrunch it up towards one end and slowly pull it away from the end.

Scrunch again and pull it away.

Yep, scrunch again and pull it away.

Keep doing it.

It's amazing how flat and smooth it gets!

To cut that hairy cuddle fabric slide your scissors up under the back lining
 (see the scissor blade in there?) Slowly cut the back lining keeping your scissor
blade close to the lining, not the hairy fur.

Look how smooth and even it comes out!

After cutting, throw it back in the dryer for five minutes with no heat to 
remove any stray fluffy pieces that might be left after cutting.

This is how it looks if you cut it without sliding your scissors up near the lining back.

To sew it to another piece of fabric, use blue paint tape to hold those floppy
and hairy fluffy things down and out of the way. Just don't sew on the tape...
it's really hard to dig it out of the seams.

I added a gray chevron flannel to the back. No binding, just turned it inside out.
It is so soft!

I'm still not crazy about sewing on hairy fabric, but at least the tips helped a little.

The Hairy Cuddle Fabric Monster Quilt


  1. Love your "hairy monster" quilt... and the name, lol! The chevron fabric is perfect too... thanks for sharing these awesome tips!

  2. Good to know Carol...I've never used Minky

  3. Oh, I wish I could see The Cuddle Cottage...sounds like a place I would love! Your tips look terrific...and to be honest, at first glance, I thought you were showing a pic of a little glasses on yet, though!

  4. My son has a blanket of fake fur we call the "wolf blanket"...I didn't make it, it is store bought but he sure thinks it's warm...I am still working up the courage to sew with minky...I have done chenille and it was so messy!!

  5. That look so cozy, he will love it! Thanks gor the tips.

  6. Ok, where were you when I was in a minky time... I cannot believe how easy this is...

  7. Fabulous tips. Especially the dryer one. The one time I cut and used this stuff it drove me beserk...I inhaled, swalloed and wore this stuff....if only I had known of the dryer trick.. hmmm now I might actually attempt to do soemthing with the 2 pieces I have had forever stuffed in a trash bag to keep it from shedding everwhere.

  8. Ohhh question please....why are we scrunching the fabric so many times?


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