Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hexie's Have 6 Sides! - Day 4

YES, I know hexies have six sides.
YES, I made 8 sided blocks in my "hexie" quilt.
NO, I didn't even realize it until someone pointed it out.
NO, I probably won't do that again. Well, hopefully I won't.
YES, I've had a good laugh over my mistake and 
I've had some of the sweetest comments ever because of it.
Thanks for all those hexiliciously sweet comments!

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Madame Samm and Debby Kratovil are leading the way
to Be A Hexie is so fun!

Today's Hexie Queens are:

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Martina said...

Hi Carol, I didn't realize it. This happend to me too, when I made the butterflytabletopper. The outside was actually planned also to be a hexagon and I ended up in a octagon. Lol!
The quilt is still so lovely
Hugs Martina

Fiesta said...

It is stunning .

Britt-Inger said...

Even if your hexie quilt has pieces that are octogons instead of hexagons, your quilt is so stunning. I love it

Janarama said...

LOL, I had to laugh when I saw this post ... my project ended up being an octagon and I didn't realize it until I was reading the hop posts yesterday.

Octagon/hexagon whatever. Your quilt is still beautiful.

Madame Samm said...

Ohhh 6 sides....the highlight of our week for sure....although 8 sides I like it much did say you did not like hexies lol

DeAnna S. said...

Its very pretty...I didn't notice it at first...still an awesome quilt.

Mary said...

Funny thing, I did not even realize it. Picky, picky!! :) I love the quilt! You did a great job! After all you have created two new patterns that are so much fun.

madebymeinred said...

Ha ha, It got by me. How fun.

sandra said...

Carol I didn't even notice it! So what does that tell you? I either can't count or didnt know the