Monday, June 17, 2013

Tammy Bag--Day Four

It's time to see how stylish we can be when we're working
on our sewing projects. Madame Samm at Sew We Quilt came up 
with the cutest bag to store our "stuff" in while we craft away our days.

Look how cute this bag is all dressed up in that gingham it!
Those dishes look just perfect with her bag, of course.
 She's cheering this hop (whoohoo to her!) so we all know this will
be an incredible event going from blog-to-blog just looking at the bags.

Madame Samm has a giveaway on her blog from such nice sponsors and
don't forget to stop by there every day to see her top choices of the day.

You can find all of the blog hop photos here:

Here's who's hopping today:


Tammy said...

Day 4 here I come. Let me go get my hopping shoes and lace them up....

Vickie said...

Have you been singing any particular songs today ? hehe

maggie said...

Monkeys make my heart happy so I love your bag.! Well done.