Thursday, May 2, 2013

Quilty Smash Book? Organized?

Maybe I'm just too buried in fabric and blog hops to know what
a Smash Book is, but I saw one over at Ooh La La...I Love 2 Organize
that she made to plan a I think I need one.
Not for a wedding, but for my quilt/blog hop ideas, etc.

Have any of you made a Smash Book?
Would this work for quilty ideas?

My sister is SOOOOO organized! Linda has buckets to put all her stuff in 
for future projects she'll be using on her blog at Food Storage Moms.
I loved that idea and since SHE did it, of course
I HAD to try it for all those blog hops I keep signing up for.

I bought six of these containers and some removable stickers so that
when a blog hop is announced (you know the ones...over there at Sew We Quilt)
I label a container with the blog hop name so it's ready for me to throw 
stuff into as the thoughts and ideas pop up. I even have one labeled "Peanuts"
with fabric in it just waiting for that fun hop Jane will be hosting in the future.
Sadly, this "Say It With Flowers" bucket is empty.
I really need to get busy because I've heard some people
have their projects finished!
I wonder what "that other lady" is up to with her flowers?
She's so competitive (which I'm not, of course) and has
probably made several flower-amazing projects. I have to get sewing!

Blog hops that are coming soon:

Birds, birds, and more birds for this one. I've started
my project (whew!) and just need to quilt and bind it.
I get to host Say It With Flowers which actually has a couple
extra days added because so many people wanted in
I begged whined asked for a little more time.
It is TOTALLY FULL with no more openings...
how fun is this going to be!
Madame Samm will be hosting this one for the Tammy cute!
I have a bucket for it, too, but all it has in it is the purse frame.

So much sewing to little time!


ga447 said...

I brought a smash book at my local craft store and I love mine. I use for my bucket list, books I want to read or read. Things that I like to have quick and handy. The PC take a few minutes longer. List that I don't want to lose, my to do list before I travel and things i need to take with me. I am sure you can make one/journal yourself.

beaquilter said...

I have some nice plastic containers from walmart different depths and snap on lids and they stack well :-) I have my small bird project all done and post scheduled! yay

Amy said...

I haven't even started my bird project. I am a procrastinator by nature. My brain seems to work better that way.

Bente-I like to QuiltBlog said...

I do look forward to the next bloghops too! My birds a ready, my flowers almost and I brought the handle for the Tammy-bag today *smile*

Charlotte Thompson said...

Hi Carol,
Charlotte here to see if my no-reply is working right now.

Melody said...

I'm really looking forward to all these hops

Melody said...

I'm really looking forward to all these hops

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Now this is so funny! I just set up a word document with all the up-coming hops. I added ideas and pictures. I like you idea and that might have to be my next step. How fun your sister has a blog too. I will have to check it out!

suz said...

That smash book seems like an interesting idea. I do the box thing for projects and BOMs. I don't buy many plastic boxes anymore because of the smell - I'm afraid it will get into the fabric, but I do used fancy boxes I get at the Christmas Tree shop and cloth boxes I get at the Container Store and IKEA. This works great especially for BOMs ... I mean to keep up, but sometimes it doesn't happen - this way all the parts are in one place.

Teresa said...

Great ideas! I need to start doing more of this. As soon as I can get my sewing room a little more organized maybe this will happen.

Madame Samm said...

Ohh you make me laugh....smash it ...this is new to me... and basement has many diff't sizes may be onto the idea for projects....I have a few too projects that is...wink