Friday, May 3, 2013

Just Write It Down...My Smash Book!

I had a coupon and there I was, walking around the craft store... I bought one...I HAD to, you know.
My new SMASH book is just so dang cute!

The cover page just cracked me up. It IS all about ME!

The first appropriate with a bird on quilt is almost ready!

Writing in a journal is something I've done for years. I have plain brown notebooks
and binders, plus quite a few years worth of journal writing on my computer.
I think I inherited this journal-writing thing from my gr-grandmother,
grandmother, and mother who wrote in journals, too. I love looking back
at some of the things they's very interesting stuff!

These books are from my private blog that I started back in 2008.
There's 10 of them so far (I used Blog2Print to publish them.)
I'm way behind on that blog for some reason...MAYBE sewing and
blog hopping have gotten in the way? LOL!

Do you journal?

P. S.
Have you seen all the blog hops Madame Samm has planned?

Here's the list from her blog:
HO HO HO, it's Christmas ( july)
Take 7 hexies, call me in the morning ( july)

Kitchin Stichin ( aug) ( all kitchen related)
Pin it HERE (aug) ( pin cushions galore)

Its the  Peanuts Gang ( sept)
Colour me Batiks (sept)

It's in the ROUND ( oct)
Wicked ( oct)

Pecking ORDER ( nov)
Let's turn back time....( nov)

December we are still baking on that one...

I definitely need more plastic containers and
SMASH books to keep up with all of these hops!
Love it!


WoolenSails said...

I haven't written in years, but I like the idea of doing an art journal.


Cherry's Prairie Primitives said...

How inspiring!! I'm not a journal writer but I used to write poetry and short stories.

Annie said...

I'm thinking you'll have a great time playing in your Smash book! I never could get the hang of journaling...until the calendar style came into my life.

Judy B said...

Love your Smash book! Just another day in Paradise cracked me up as that is where I live!

Pauline said...

Great idea, beautiful inspirering book, have fun with it!

Sharon Dawn said...

My blog is the closest I come to a journal these days. I love the printed blog books or looking at my (old and older) written journals and enjoying the memories! Your Smash Book looks fun!

linda loosli said...

LOL! Now I WANT one!!!! I LOVE yours!!! I will be getting one TODAY!! It's a sister thing.........JoAnns?

linda loosli said...

LOL! Now I WANT one!!!! I LOVE yours!!! I will be getting one TODAY!! It's a sister thing.........JoAnns?

Suze said...

I am not disciplined enough to journal. From time to time, I keep a journal of notes from church. It is enlightening to go back and read them. When I get in a funk, I often journal to help with the feelings. One therapist suggested that I keep a journal of niceties. It is up to me to make me happy. Each evening take a few minutes to write down nice things that have happened today. It might be as simple as someone smiled at me. Often times the nicest events are small events. We tend to remember the bigger events.