Thursday, November 29, 2012

Here's A Clue.....It's Nancy Drew!

We've just received news that the Nancy Drew yardage fabric will ship out on  Dec. 4th and the precuts will ship out on December 15th. Considering the shipping time it will take to get to the stores, it looks like it won't be in stores or our hot little hands until after December 21st (with the Christmas holiday mail, it may be longer.)
Madame Samm has decided to postpone the Nancy Drew Blog Hop until March so we can have a relaxing holiday and not be rushing to create something by January 7-17th. I'll keep you posted on the exact dates of the hop once we get it rescheduled. Be sure to check Sew We Quilt for the latest news about the Nancy Drew blog hop and the other fun hops that are planned.

I'll still be taking sign-ups! 
So far we have 65 sleuthy hoppers, 
but we'd love to have more
play along with us!
Even if you don't have a blog, you can still be a part of this.
We have a special blog set-up just for our nonblogger friends.
Come on...sign up to play with us
now that you have more time
to get creative!
You can make what you want...surprise us!
It's up to YOU!
You must use the MODA Nancy Drew fabric in your creation
(it comes out at the end of November--plenty of time to
make something awesome and creative.)

These online stores are taking pre-orders for the fabric
(you should have plenty of time to get the fabric and make your creation):

All you have to do is email me
(or leave me a comment with your email address)
letting me know you want to join this hop.

For LOTS more details see Madame Samm at


  1. sounds like this will be fun! Count me in :) I will send my email to you, thanks !

  2. fun! count me in. is there a link to the fabric, do we get a deal somewhere?

  3. Hi, Carol,

    I would love to be a participant. I have already pre-ordered a Nancy Drew charm pack so that I may join in the fun. I am experiencing a computer problem that is preventing me from emailing you directly. I have Samm's email and have sent one to her to this effect and asked her to forward it to you.

    Please count me in ... :) Pat

  4. I would like to join :) (I think I will be able to get some frabric by the time we need it)

    beckah_h123 at yahoo dot com

  5. Sounds like fun would love to join, (hope that I will get the fabric on time )

  6. Hi Carol,I would love to sew along. This sounds like fun!!!


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