Friday, March 24, 2017

Penny Rose Fabrics Blog Tour With Sue Penn's Lily Fabric

I love when new fabrics come out like this new line by Riley Blake Designs 
sister company, Penny Rose Fabrics, and Sue Penn. All the Lily fabrics are so beautiful! 
It wasn't hard to feel creative with such sweet fabric.

Sweet Bunny Love Quilt and Pillow
The quilt is 40" x 45" and the pillow is a 10" square.

I think the bunny is hoping for someone he loves to see the balloon heart.

 I used five different Lily Cotton fabrics for the quilt and pillow...

This 10" pillow was so easy to make!
I think my favorite design is the Lily Blossom Plaid.

Be sure to visit the others who are part of this blog tour to see what 
they made with this sweet, sweet fabric!
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You can find the patterns in my Craftsy store by clicking the link below.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mrs. Bunny's Easter Eggs With Moda Fabrics,

I love all the Easter fabrics that have come out this year and I have to say that

Mrs. Bunny's Easter Eggs
Finished size: 40" x 50"
The fabric has a panel that you can make into dolls. I cut out the design and added a ruffled skirt.
I love ruffles!

The fabrics are so bright and beautiful and the Aurifil threads just make it fun to sew everything!

Oh, look! There's a pocket for a little bunny on the back.

I'm over at the Therm O Web blog today...check it out!

You can find Mrs. Bunny's Easter Eggs at my Craftsy store by clicking the link below.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Where Do We Put Mom?

It sounds like I'm trying to decide where to put a box of old clothes when I ask that question
...BUT, where DO we put mom?

The last few weeks have been hard for us as we worked to relocate my mother-in-law. She's been 
living alone and slightly independent for the last couple years, but the day before her 90th birthday 
she fell and broke her hip. Her world was turned upside down as was ours. 

She's smiling here, but it was weeks before she'd smile again.
The surgery and pain was tough on her 90 year old body!
She's still can't walk and needs assistance. She has good and bad days.

We had tried to get her to move into a really nice assisted living facility for the last couple years,
but she didn't want to lose her "independence." She really hadn't been very independent because 
she lost her license last year and could no longer drive (thank goodness!) Someone had to drive her
to get groceries and medications, get her hair and nails done, and go to doctor appointments. She'd
also not been good about eating and taking her medications on time.

She had resisted moving to the assisted living home for so long that now the entire burden of 
deciding where she'd live was on us. We were given less than two days notice to move her from 
rehab to an assisted living facility. We had to buy her a bed (she didn't want her old one) and shop for 
a couch for her new place. We also had to find movers who would be available within the next day. 
We then had to box up and bag up all of her clothing and personal items to move. 

My husband and I both said we are too old to be doing this kind of moving. My oldest daughter and
her boyfriend were lifesavers in boxing things up and my son-in-law and Monkey Boys jumped right 
in to help. Even Monkey Baby wanted to help!

Without them we would have needed to move into the facility with my mother-in-law because it was so hard on our bodies and we were worn out. We've told our kids that we promise to go willingly to 
assisted living when the times comes that we can't take care of ourselves. Hopefully, we will do just 
that! Plus, I'm going to start cleaning out my STUFF (not my fabric, though) so the kids won't be 
swearing about me and all the junk I hung on to. It's time to dejunk!

Luckily, Monkey Baby was well enough to help, but two days ago he was in the ER with a possible
case of pneumonia and low oxygen level. After x-rays and tests, we were relieved that it was bronchitis and he was sent home with antibiotics, ibuprofen, and a breathing treatment. It was scary to hear him breathe and see that sweet face look so sad!

He was such a trooper! He only cried when they put the oxygen device on his finger.

In the middle of all this, I got to take a night off to hang out with Corrie from Quilt Taffy at the 
Queen Bee Market dinner and craft night. I had no idea what I was getting into, but meeting Corrie 
was so worth it! She is as cute as her quilt store! I'm not very crafty with painting decorations, but 
Corrie made sure I had my "hello" facing the right way (not that I painted the wrong side or anything)
and that I was well supplied with cookies. I wish I'd had more time with her!

The desserts were so pretty!

I have lots of sewing to catch up on...I'm so behind!
My sewing machine is staring at me. It needs me.

You never know when life will throw you a curve ball.
Some of those balls are bigger than others and in perspective,
this has just been a small blip of a ball in our crazy life.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

It's Time To Bloom With A Paper Pieced Quilt

 It's Time To Bloom is 35" x 40" and includes applique and paper piecing. 
You can read more about It's Time To Bloom over at Therm O Web Blog today.

It was easy to paper piece using  Stitch n Sew EZ Print Quilt Block Sheets
I loved how the tore cleanly after stitching.

The beautiful fabrics in the quilt are Kaleidoscope by Camelot Fabrics

The It’s Time To Bloom PDF pattern with full instructions and templates for paper piecing and applique can be find at Just Carol’s Pattern Store at Craftsy HERE.

Look at the blossom that are showing up on my tree!
I'm ready for some nice spring weather and these blossoms indicate it might be coming soon.