Thursday, December 7, 2017

Put A Little Love In Your Quilt Blog Hop

After all the ooey-gooey cookie recipes and seeing some of my favorite bloggers
from my days of blog hopping with Madame Samm, I got a little teary-eyed and nostalgic.
I remember the rush each morning of the blog hops to see what everyone was making and how
much I enjoyed being a part of something amazing. Samm knew how to keep us captivated!


Put A Little Love In Your Quilt Blog Hop is happening!

I thought it would be fun to have a heart-felt blog hop with anyone who wants to
join in and experience the joy of making new friends in blogland.

The blog hop and rules are simple:

Make a quilt or project with a heart somewhere on it.
Post your project on your assigned day.
Have a giveaway or don't have a giveaway. It's totally optional!
Visit everyone's blog on the list and leave a sweet comment.

Do you want to join in?
The hop will run from February 5th to February 8th...four days of fun!
It's two months away so there's plenty of time to get creative.

Send me an email with the following information:

Your first name
Your email address
Your blog name
Your blog URL

Are you in? I'd love to have you join the blog hop!


  1. Sounds interesting. Just sent you an email to join in.

  2. I LOVE Hearts!!! Count me in....I'll email you to join:) Whatever happen to Madam Samm????

  3. looking forward to this. I don't have a blog...yet...but I'm retiring soon and this is on the top of my retirement fun list!

  4. Yes! I love anything with hearts on it, so I'll be joining too! Will send you an email, Carol! Thanks!

  5. Ok my friend, you whistle and I show up :) Count me in!

  6. Wow - what fun. I remember participating in your red white and blue blog hop - had so many visitors! Thanks for organizing this!

  7. Sounds like fun I am in! Thanks Carol 🙂

  8. I don’t commit to many hops, but I think this one is calling my name!

  9. I do miss those hops and I miss M Samm too. They were so much fun and I learned so much and made so many blog friends along the way. This will be great. Thanks for orchestrating this event.

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  11. Have a cold and sorry for the errors. Kwilty Pleasures would like to participate.


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