Friday, August 14, 2015

A Little Blog Hopping In My World Again

Madame Samm was the queen of blog hops in my world, but now that she's not doing them
anymore, I've been on the look out for things to motivate my creativity like she used to.

Thanks to Madame Samm and her blog hops, I learned to...




Oh my, the list goes on and on of all the things I learned!

So, in hopes of keeping in touch with my creative side (and reconnecting with other blog hoppers)
I signed up for two blog hops that were calling my name. Maybe they will call your name, too!

Marian of Seams To Be Sew is hosting a Halloween Haunts blog hop...I love Halloween!

Lorna of Sew Fresh Quilts is hosting a Dog Gone Cute blog hop. I can't resist those cute dog faces!
I signed up for this one because of Kris at Kris Loves Fabric. She has a way about her that makes
me want to sew whatever she's sewing. She's such a creative lady so I hope she rubs off on me!

Sew Fresh Quilts

I'm excited to be hopping again!

Of course, I'm still looking forward to the EQ7 Row-A-Long coming up.
I'm loving all the rows and think you will, too!


  1. Hi Carol. How I can agree with the inspiration from Madamm Samm and her amazing blog hops. It is crucial that we keep our creative vibe alert and actiive. Great hops you are joining. I look forward to seeing lots os great projects. Creative Bliss Dear...

  2. I agree it got you motivated. but at the end it almost always required you to purchase something and I didn't want to do that, a theme is nice or something for free is even better.... I wouldn't mind hosting another virtual blog hop.

  3. The hops were fun, but I agree with Bea - at the end it was a product or designer push and the creativity was lost. I am booked thru the year, but next year I am thinking of taking part in some of the fabric company design challenges and even create a piece that hopefully will make it into one of the AQS shows.

  4. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  5. Wow....I never get anything finished. I need to stop "starting"....grin.

  6. I agree with you that the blog hops were creative pushes and I have learned so much from them. The most fun projects were them when you could sew from your stash and must not have to buy lot of new fabric of a special line. I will of course sew Lorna´s puppies as I loved to sew the Elephant Parade.
    I have bought the pattern some minutes ago to make the cutest puppies ever.

  7. Carol, you are so creative. You do well with coming up with so many wonderful ideas. I love to see what you are working on. Can't wait to see the Halloween one.

  8. I have missed the fun hops too and am joining you in the same ones. I am so excited. Your past projects were always so much fun to see revealed. I'm looking forward to the upcoming ones you do.

  9. I so agree! They were a lot of fun and it was great to see how everyone created their own version of whatever the topic was. I also loved finding new blogs to inspire me and I'm sure most of my followers came from these blog hops. I'll have to think about joining another one... I've seen several and have been tempted. Can't wait to see what kind of goodies you create!

  10. PS.... I just joined the Halloween one. Haven't heard back, but love the fact that it's any kind of project and we have enough time to complete it without being rushed. Thanks, Carol!

  11. Hey Creepy! I'm glad to see this post by you ... I too have felt the loss and was wondering how to get back into the quilt hopping ... a halloween one would be right up my wicked alley so I'm off to see if there's room for me at Seams to Be Sew. Best to you!

  12. So pleased to have found someone such as yourself that is interested in keeping the creativeness that we used to enjoy in former quilting blogs such as has been mentioned above! I just became a new follower and look forward to watching your progress! Yay!! Happy quilting to all!!

  13. Yeah, Missie Samm ♥️ I do have fond memories, and I am so glad to have been a part of that.
    I grew as well.
    I always look forward to your creations, you are creative too Carol!

    My sewing is my daily pleasure, but gosh I am busy in between. My brains are toast.
    Love always, Rosemary

  14. Me, too! I'm so excited! I've missed hopping! Beth @ Words & Stitches

  15. Yay! Fun to be sewing and showing again :) You always make such fun things, I can't wait to see what you will come up with next!

  16. I miss the blog hops too... they were so much fun.
    I've managed to find a couple of hops to inspire me and keep me out of trouble!


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