Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Little Hail And Pin It - Day 5

We were hit with a really heavy rainstorm yesterday that turned into a was fast and crazy! We thought our front window was going to break from all the hail and rain that was crashing into it. 

This is our front porch minutes after the storm got started. 

This is the hail that was in front of our garage.

In other news....
Madame Samm from got us in the mood to pin...
and Kristen from Meadowbrook is cheering us on...

Look who's posting today:

September 16

You can see all the pincushions here:

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  1. Oh my! That's quite a pile of hail..... so glad your windows survived the attack!

  2. It always amazes me that it can rain ice. Y'all have had more rain than usual this year haven't you ?

  3. for a second I thought the hail was IN the house and I had to re read the post...

  4. Wow, you guys out in the west are sure taking a hit! What a pile of hail! Must have been really noisy!

  5. How funny! But hail is a ad four-letter word and so is snow.

  6. I bet that was salt lol
    No really HAIL in your area...that is remarkable and so lucky there was no damage..I would have frozen it ...( you know in my freezer...)

  7. Oh my gosh that is a lot of hail!!


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