Sunday, August 11, 2013

I Won't Laugh If You Won't Laugh

I'm always touched by the sweet comments and emails I receive during a blog hop. I love how they encourage me to do better at this sewing thing I try to do. I've never said I was as good as some of those amazing quilters who showcase their work, but I have fun doing what I do. Being a cheerleader for those hops is just icing on the cake! 

One email I received from a sweet lady summed up exactly how I feel about blog hopping:

 "It is truly a great experience to participate and a great way to learn new skills and to be motivated to stretch without the fear of someone laughing at our work."

I promise I never laugh at what you make, though a few of you are so funny
when you write your posts that I literally laugh out loud!

Just how the heck did I get myself into these blog hops?

It all started way, way back in...

October 2011
From my post: "I was out blog stalking a few weeks ago looking for more Ghastlie fabric ideas and was "sew" lucky to find a really fun blog run by Madamme Samm" (yes, I put TWO "m"'s in Madame.)

From my post: "Madame Samm posted a block on her sewing blog "Sew I Quilt" and I (so stupidly) commented, kind of block! It's easy to make, but looks like you really worked at it. :O)  She kindly responded to my comment and said, 'it is a bit tricky to get those seams straight.'

Well.......she was right. I had to unpick a few seams to get them lined up as perfectly as I was going to get them, which wasn't all that perfect but not bad. I apologized to Madame Samm through an email for being so flippant about the ease of that block and she made me laugh when she replied, 'told you sew.'" (I think this is where That Other Lady started to get competitive with me! LOL)

APRIL 2012
From my post: "I'm loving Madame Samm's challenge to make table toppers (it's my first time entering one of these things.)"

 JUNE 2012
After playing in a couple more blog hops, I suddenly found myself hosting a blog hop for the first time. Eeeek! Bowls With Borders had about 160 paper piecing bowl makers from all over the world signing up to join this hop. This was huge AND I'd never paper pieced before...what a ride it was!

-a few more blog hops-

ETC., ETC., ETC., 

and then That Other Lady made me look like this...

and the rest is...well, not over yet!

All of  YOU make me want to try harder, sew more,
and learn new things from your blog world!


  1. Huge thanks to you both for all the fun.

  2. Ahhhhhh I told you sew....did all of this....I told you didn't I , that there will be bonds that are formed that can never be broken. You have really been the one person I can count on time and time again that does not exhaust me but makes me want to do better too. YOU really do inspire me...even if you are a bit competitive...there I said you have been a lovely blessing.

  3. Both you and Madam Samm are blog hop enablers! I am addicted to the fun!

  4. A fun post to read Carol - and please know that your "competition" with Madame Samm has made me smile many times! blessings, marlene

  5. Hi Carol I just wanted to say thank you for this blog hop. I had to go finish the 8th today since I was gone most of that day but it was a wonderful hop and filled with inspiration. You always do a great job at being a wonderful cheerleader and I appreciate all the hard work that both you and Madame Samm do....
    Take care and have a great Sunday.

  6. I love them also!! They inspire me to get out of my comfort zone and try new things and I learn sew much from all the other ladies along the way!! Especially you!!

  7. I enjoyed reading the story of your growth in blog hopping ! I wish I had a song about it for ya, but I'm blank ! hee hee

  8. big huge hugs, Carol. You are a great cheerleader, and I am so loving growing through hops as well! I am getting ready to start planning for the Pin It hop, which will be my third. Not only is it a great way to grow, its a great way to get inspiration, learn, and make new bloggy friends. I love the whole hopping experience!

  9. Such a beautiful story! Loved reading the history of your blog and your friendship and competitiveness...giggle...with Madame Samm. You two are an awesome pair!

  10. Oh Carol. You have the same experience that I have had. I think Madame Samm found me somewhere when she noticed my little quilt of the nude women, oh not nude, she had a hat and I found her. Since I started making things for the blog hop my quilting life has got a new dimension. I have had so many visits on my blog and I have tried to make so many projects. And now hexagons that I don´t like at all, but there will be two projects. This HO HO blog has been so fun with so many different way to deck the hall for the Christmas season. And by the way I love the competion too.

  11. I laugh often on these hops. Good medicine. And I have to admit I have laughed at a couple of projects but they were meant for a laugh. I don't have the skills so many of you have but I do it for the fun. Thanks for inspiring me!

  12. What a lovely post to read from you today. So many wonderful people to meetin Blogdom. Friendships to be made. Love it all....

  13. I found Sew We Quilt sometime a year ago last spring(2012) and immediately noticed the competitive nature of two certain people! Sure makes it fun to watch you two go at it!!! I loved the Christmas blog hop this year, such great ideas! I am working madly on my pin cushions so be ready!!!!

  14. I started hopping with the Ghastlie hop and there has been no stopping me. I think I've only missed 3 hops since I started. It is such a growth process. I am a better quilter since I started playing in this internation playground. Where else can you become friends with people around the world. Thanks for being such a large part of the experience.

  15. It was the Ghastlies that brought you together :). That is a happy beginning. You do such a great job with hopping & sewing. Thank you for your time!

  16. Yay, for internet international quilty friendships and cheerleaders who make our days extra fun...thanks to you both for some lovely experiences!!

  17. wonderful post Carol ... I'm happy to see that you and Samm have such a fun relationship that you share with all as it is enjoyable to see the non-competition side of it! Happy quilting :)

  18. I often laugh when I read blogs, but normally to the text... hehe.
    I have learned a lot by participating, and will continue hopping when I have time...
    Looking forward to the challenge. :-)

  19. The Ho Ho was my first blog hop, but I don't think it will be my last! Also, your Ghastlie quilt has given me an idea (as if I needed more)--setting the scenes off with Attic Windows! Now, if I could just sew instead of packing up my whole house and moving!

  20. Carol - I promise to never ever laugh at your work, however you make me laugh/ smile with every post - so thank you
    xo jan

  21. Ohhh did you even notice the numbers? yep they are there wink

  22. That other lady has a way of motivating and encouraging you to do things you never imagined doing. I know...she's been a friend of mine for years! And you are VERY cute, too!

  23. I am glad I found you and Samm both. You are 2 remarkable women!


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