Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New Blog Hop Alert--Ho Ho Ho!

It seems like Christmas was just a few months ago,
and now Madame Samm says it's time to get ready for it again?
Ye(little happy dance here)!
I love making Christmas stuff AND cheering for the
blog hops...I get to do both for this hop...whoohoo!

Want to play along?
We still have a few openings.

If you do, Sew We Quilt has all the info HERE 
Send me an email if you want to play along.
Come on! 
You know you want to hop with us!


  1. Hi Carol l'd love to hop again.
    MelodyThe House on the side of the Hill

  2. Please add me to the list :)

  3. I would love to participate in this hop - Sharon @ VroomansQuilts

  4. I love all about Christmas and would love to join this blog hop. First blog hop for me, but I have already some ideas what to make.

  5. Hi Carol. I'd love to join in too. I loved being part of the Stitch Me Up hop. I'll send you an email now.

  6. Hello Mrs. Santa! Can't wait to see all the creations...I will have lots of inspiration for AW(after wedding...giggle) and I sure hope there are a few Santas!

  7. Love to join you. Perfect excuse to start digging through the Xmas stash.

  8. Hi, Ho, Ho, Ho!
    My email is on the way!
    Thanks, Head Elf Carol, for organizing and cheering Santa Samm's workshop... :) Pat

  9. I think I'll sign up too Happy Ho Ho to all the hoppers
    in stitches

  10. sign me up, I need an excuse to do some christmas sewing :-)

  11. Carol; I can Ho Ho Ho!!! Please sign me up. Marjorie Henwood...Marjorie's Busy Corner...

    Thank you!!!

  12. My email should be waiting in your in box. While hopping around yesterday I came across the idea for just what I want to do. Timing is everything.

  13. Hi Carol...I can do a Ho Ho Ho....if you still have room....let me know. Thanks for being our cheerleader.

  14. Sent you an email! Sounds like a lot of fun!

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  16. I've never done this before, but would like to try it! Thanks, Lynda!

  17. I've never done this before, but would like to try it! Thanks, Lynda!

  18. Vickie, the url sent me here rather than your email address.
    I want in for the Black Tie Boogie
    Grandmama's Stories

    Gmama Jane
    Jane Hillis


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