Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ummm....I Joined A Quilt Along

This quilt along seems like the perfect solution to my "focus" problem. I committed to doing it....maybe I need to be committed. Actually, it looks like an easy and fun project. Hopefully.
Focus, focus, focus! 

May 25th--get supplies
June 6th--cut the fabric
June 13th--piece the quilt top
June 20th--quilt the quilt
June 27th--bind the quilt 

I started a little late, but since I don't need to go shopping (my closet is packed with fabric that will be perfect for this) I'm ready!


  1. Cute zig zag quilt--and a great size, too! I bet you have enough fabric around the house for something like this....yes, great stash buster!

  2. Nice large zig zag quilt. Would be a good pattern for a tween or teen. I look forward to watching this one come together.

  3. I'm hoping for easy and fun, too!!!


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